From 18/06 to 16/07, we will be sending out orders once a week on Wednesdays. Purchase before 3 pm every Tuesday to ensure timely delivery.




We love the earth, quality and whole foods. 

Our ingredients are freshly delivered from organic farms. 

Our whole grains are freshly grounded just before production.

Our certified organic wheat free noodles provide various nutrients. They are made from whole foods such as whole grains and whole pumpkin.

Our gluten-free pasta delivers real pasta taste and texture. It is also a good source of nutrition and fibre.

Our instant noodles are an healthy choice for customers who seek convenience and quality in their food.

New Products

Our new range of organic, gluten free and healthy noodles are great in absorbing flavours. Feel free to serve them warm in soups, sauce or sautéed vegetables or cold with salads.